Brakes & Brake Repair in CT

Working brakes are critical for your vehicle's performance and your safety. It is important to know how your brakes work, and when your vehicle needs brake repair & service. At Computer Tune & Lube we will help make sure your brakes function properly at all times with our brake repair services. Whether you are looking for brake repair in CT or just need brake service in Middletown at Computer Tune & Lube.

Why/When should I get a brake inspection?

Brakes will usually give you a bit of warning before they go. Here's what you may notice:

Noise while braking - Whether it's a squeal or a grind, noise means the brake system needs some attention. Most noises are due to a problem with the brake pads. Pads are the surface of the brake, and they wear down over time. Some are designed to make noise when they get worn. Replacing brake pads and rotors is a fairly low cost. If you wait too long, though, the brake pads wear through, overheat and then the calipers may seize and cause a significantly higher repair cost.

Spongy feeling - If you have to press the brake pedal further or harder than usual to stop, there could be a problem. It might be worn brake pads, or it could be something else, like a leak in the lines. Get your brakes checked as soon as you can.

Pedal or Steering Wheel Vibration:  If a pulsation is felt while applying the brakes, the brake rotor may be “warped” or “out of round”.  This is a condition caused by deterioration of the metal caused by repeated heated and cooling that often has occurs with low quality or aged rotors.  When this occurs the only course of action is to replace the pads and rotors on the affected axle.  CTL recommends only using Platinum Ceramic Pads and OE series or better Rotors to avoid future problems.

Brake warning light - Many people ignore this light if they can't hear or feel anything wrong. This can be very dangerous, especially in later model vehicles with computer-controlled braking systems. When the brake warning light stays on, there's a problem in the brake system that you may not notice otherwise. This could be a faulty sensor — or a possible brake system failure.

Other signs - If your steering pulls to one side when you brake, or you are low on brake fluid, there may also be a problem. Don't wait to get brake service. The cost of a brake repair service is a whole lot less than the cost of failing to stop when you need to!

You can get a free brake inspection at our automotive super center for any of these problems. We'll tell you what the issue is; give you a firm quote and do the brake repair you need to get back on the road safely, fast. And while you're there, we'll check the air in your tires and fill them free. We want to see you safe.

Call us at 860-362-0672 for all of your brake & brake repair in CT needs!


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