A Computer Tune & Lube Oil Change is not just an oil change...  It's a preventative maintenance program that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle in Berlin.

Computer Tune & Lube technicians will:

  • Change the oil with up to five (5) quarts of quality motor oil near Berlin

  • Replace oil filter near Berlin

  • Visually Inspect:
  1.  antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels in Berlin
  2.  engine air filtration system in Berlin
  3.  serpentine belts in Berlin
  4.  brake pads & rotors Berlin
  5.  wiper blades in Berlin
  6.  exterior lights in Berlin
  • Clean exterior of windows minutes from Berlin

  • Lubricate the chassis (when applicable) near Berlin

  • Check tire pressure near Berlin

  • Check and top off the following fluids:
  1.  transmission/transaxle fluids in Berlin
  2.  differential fluid in Berlin
  3.  power steering fluid in Berlin
  4.  windshield washer fluid in Berlin

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We have been providing quality service for over 25 years

We pride ourselves on being big enough to have all of the same complex equipment as your dealership but small enough to treat you as an individual.

“I have been using computer tune and Lube since they first opened in the mid 90's. in all that time I have always been very happy with the work they have done for me. I have never known them to not stand behind their work. they are always very professional and courteous in all of my interactions with them.” - Ruth S, middletown, ct